Twin Scroll Dump Pipe Head Fits SUBARU IHI VF36 VF37 VF42 VF49 VF53 VF56 VF58

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-JDM Impreza STI Twin Scroll Turbo
-IHI RHF55 / RHF5HB VF36, VF37, VF42, VF49, VF53, VF56, VF58
-Garrett and Other Brand Spec C Twin Sroll Turbo with the same specification
-Note VF38,VF44 and VF45 Can't work with it
1 x 3" Stainless SUS304 / Wax Dump Pipe as picture 6
1 x Turbine Outlet Gasket
5 x M10*1.25mm pitch Studs for dump pipe with turbine housing
7 x M10*1.25mm pitch Nuts
(Stock Housing Outlet has 2 holes without thread that will need 2 nuts as photo 8,9)
-Brand New