OD19mm 3/4" Turbo Oil Drain Pipe kit For Garrett T3 T4 / Pipe Length 75mm

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-Garrett GT37R GT40R GT42R GT45R GT47R Ball Bearing

-Precision PTE Turbo as 5862 6262...etc.

-Garrett T3 / T4 Series Turbocharger

-Hitachi HT18 Series

-All Turbocharger with 50.8mm central hole to hole oil drain

*Note Some Turbo has 10mm bolt hole before buying confirm it, please


-1 x 50.8mm central hole to hole Oil drain pipe OD
19mm 3/4" thickness / 75mm length
-1 x Oil Return Gasket
-2 x 8mm Bolts  


-Brand New
-Made of Steel