M10 x 1.25mm BLK Stud w/Cooper Nut For SUBARU IHI VF22 VF24 VF28 VF36 VF38 VF44 VF45 VF58 MHI EVO

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-Mitsubishi DSM 1G, EVO 1~3, EVO4~10 Turbo
-Turbine Housing Stud Kit for SUBARU TD05H / TD06 /
IHI RHF5H, RHF55, RHF5HB VF22, VF30, VF34 VF36 VF37 VF38 VF44 VF45 etc.
-Anti-loosening ovate nut that needs using tools , such as a socket wrench

-5 x M10*1.25mm pitch Black Studs( Total Length is about 40mm)
-5 x M10*1.25mm pitch Cooper Nuts  


-Brand New
-SCM440 with Heat Treatment