DIY 12AN Oil Drain Flange Kit for Garrett GT25 GT28 GT30 GT35 T25 T28 TB25 TB28 Ball Bearing Journal Bearing Turbo to Oil Pan

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-Garrett GT25 GT28 GT30 GT35 Ball Bearing Roller Bearing

-Garrett GT25 GT28 GT30 GT35 T2 T25 T28 TB25 TB28 Journal Bearing Bush Bearing

-12AN AN12 Oil Drain Flange Kit for Turbo to Oil Pan


-1 x 38-44mm long hgole distance flange in pic 4
-2 x 8mm bolts
-1 x Gasket
-1 x 12AN Straight Adapter
-1 x 12AN Oil Pan Fitting


-Brand New