90Deg Front Bent 1/2" Thickness Turbo Water Pipe M14 14mm x 1.5mm Pitch For Garrett T25 T28 GT25 GT28 GT30 GT35 Jouranl & Ball Bearing/ KKK K03 K04

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-Mitsubishi TD05 TD06 Series Turbo
-KKK K03 K04 Series Turbo
-Garrett T25 T28 GT25 GT28 GT30 Series Turbo


-Pipe OD:12mm ( It can work with 1/2" hose)
-2 x M14 x 1.5mm Pitch Bolt
-4 x 14mm Copper Washers
-2 x 90Deg Front Bent 14mm to 1/2" thickness Banjo Pipe  


-Brand New
-Made of Steel