6AN Turbo Oil Water Line For Garrett G25-660 G30-660 G30-770 G30-900 G35-900

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-Oil Water Line Kit for Garrett G-Series such as G25-550 G25-660 G30-660 G30-770 G30-900 G35-900 G35-1050


-1 x 40" 4AN Oil Feed Line 
-2 x 90Deg 9.4" 6AN Water Lines

-2 x 1/2" Barbs

-2 x 9/16" Barbs

-1  X 20" 10AN Line 

-1 x Oil Feed Adapter Kit 7/16"-24 about M11 x 1.0mm pitch with 1.0mm restrictor hole

-1 x 1/8NPT 1/8"-27 3 Way Tee Fitting

-1 x 10AN 38-44mm Distacne Flange for Turbo to Oil Drain Line 

-1 x 10AN Fitting For Oil Drain Line to  Engine Oil Pan

-2 x 10AN 45DEG Fittings for Oil Drain Line 


-Brand New