4AN to 7/16"-24 with 1.0mm hole Oil Feed Banjo Bolt For Garrett HKS GT2860RS GT2871R GT2876R GT3071R GT3076R

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-Garrett GT25 / GT28 / GT30 / GT35 Ball Bearing Series Turbo

-Garrett T2 / T25 / T28 Ball Bearing Series Turbo

-Garrett GT2860RS GTX2860R GTX2863R GT25R GT2554R GT2560R GTX2867R

GT2871R GT2876R GTX2967R GTX2971R GTX2976R GT2835R GT3037

GT3037R GTX3067R GT3071R GTX3071R GT3082R GTX3576R GTX3582R

GTX3584R etc.

-HKS GT Ball Bearing Series Turbo

-Other Garrett based Ball Bearing Turbo such as ATP, APS..turbo made by Garrett.


-1 x 7/16"-24 about Metric M11*1.0mm Banjo Bolt with 1.0mm restrictor hole
-1 x 4AN Banjo Adapter
-2 x Copper Washers  


-Brand New
-Made Of Steel