4AN Oil Feed 1.5mm hole & 10AN Flange For Garrett T25/28 GT25/28 JB & HKS T3G

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-1995~1999 4G63T DSM Eclipse 2G Stock Garrett T25 / T28 Journal Bearing Turbo

-Garrett T2, T25, T28,Journal Bearing Turbo

-Garrett GT25, GT28, GT30, GT35 Journal Bearing Turbo

-Nissan Fairlady 300ZX Z32 VG30DETT Stock Garrett TB25 Journal Bearing Turbo

-Nissan RD28T Safari 2.8L diesel engine stock Garrett TB25 / TB2527 Journal Bearing Turbo

It can fit 465941-0001, 465941-0002, 465941-0003, 465941-0004, 465941-0005, 465941-0007, 465941- 0008, 452022-0001


-1 x 7/16"-24 (about M11 x 1.0mm pitch) to 4AN with 1.5mm restrictor Adapter
-1 x 11mm copper washer
-1 x 10AN 38-44mm Long Hole Distance Flange Kit as pic 7  


-Brand New