40" Universal AN4 Oil Feed Line w/ Filter for S200 S300 S360 S363 S366 S400

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-40" Oil Feed Line Kit with Oil Fitler
-BorgWarner S Series turbos including:

S200SX, S200SX-E, S248 (S200SX-48mm), S250 (S20SX-50mm), S251R (S200SX-51mm), S256 (S200SX-56mm), S300SX, S300SX-E, S300SX3, S360 (S300SX-60mm) S363, (S300SX-63mm) S366 (S300SX-66mm), S371, S372, S374 S375, S400SX, S400SX-E, S400SX3, S467 (S400SX3-67mm), S471 (S400SX3-71mm), S474 (S400SX3-74mm, S475 (S400SX3-75mm), S476 (S400SX3-76mm), S480 (S400SX3-80mm), S482 (S400SX3-82mm), S400SX4, S400SX4-71mm, S400SX4-75mm, S400SX4-80mm etc.


-2 x 4AN teflon hoses
-1 x Oil Feed Adapter without restrictor
-1 x 1/8 NPT T-Fitting that can connect engine oil feed press sensor port
-1 x Oil Filter for Oil Feed Line  


-Brand New