3AN Teflon Brake Line Kit For Mercedes-Benz W220 99-05 & North America 00-06

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Stainless steel brake lines improve pedal feel and reduce the amount of time between applied pedal pressure and actual deceleration by preventing expansion, which stock rubber lines allow. This provides a quicker pedal response, and allows the driver to maintain consistent brake pressure and precision. These lines consist of a PTFE inner line that is covered with a layer of stainless steel woven braid.

The PTFE tube is very resistant to expansion under pressure and will not degrade from exposure to brake fluid. The stainless steel braid provides support for the PTFE and the weave is extremely durable against incidental impact and abrasion.

3AN Teflon Brake Line Kit For Mercedes-Benz W220 1999~2005 & North America 2000~2006  


-4 x 3AN Teflon Brake Lines


-Brand New