3/4" Barb Aluminum Turbo Oil Return Flange For MHI TD015 TD025 TD03 TF035 TD04 TD05 TD06 IHI VF22 VF23 VF28 VF29 VF30 VF35 VF36 VF37 VF39 VF43

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-MHI TD015 TD02 TD03 TD04 TD05 TD06 
-BorgWarner KKK K03 K04 AUDI VW
-Any Turbo with 38 to 41mm central hole to hole oil drain in pic 5
-It can use with 3/4",19mm inner diameter hose as pic 4
-IHI VF22 VF22 VF23 VF24 VF28 VF29 VF30 VF35 VF36 VF37 VF38 VF39 VF40 VF46

VF52 VF58 etc.


-1 x 38 to 41mm oil drain flange in pic 5
-1 x 45Deg 19mm,3/4" barb adapter
-1 x oil drain gasket
-2 x 6mm bolts  


-Brand New