1/2" Thickness Water Feed & Return Pipe Kit M12 x 1.25mm pitch for SUBARU Mitsubishi TD035 TD04 IHI VF22 VF23 VF24 VF28 VF29 VF30 VF34 VF35 VF37 VF39

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-Mitsubishi TF035HM Turbocahrger on Forester
-Mitsubishi TF035HM TD04L, TD04HL Turbocharger on Forester, WRX
-IHI VF22 VF23 VF24 VF28 VF29 VF30 VF35 VF37 VF39 VF43 etc.
-It can connect to 1/2 inch inner diameter soft hose


-2 x M12 12mm x 1.25mm pitch banjo bolts as picture 3
-2 x 12mm copper crush washers
-1 x 1/2" thickness water feed & drain pipe kit  


-Brand New
-Made of Steel